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Our Business Terms

Payment Terms

The customer is required to pay invoices within 3 days of the cleaning/works date (unless agreed otherwise) by Bank Transfer. Invoices will be emailed to the customer with the email address provided on the day of the clean or in advance. We also have a direct debit facility. Any invoices unpaid after 7 days of invoice due date will receive a £7.00 late payment charge.

If the customer fails to pay any outstanding invoices and/or any charges received after 14 days Elyte Window Cleaning reserves the right to suspend your cleaning.

Any invoices and/or charges unpaid for a period of 30 days will be referred to a debt collection agency. Any costs incurred for this process will be added to the amount owed by the customer. 

Cash or cheque is accepted on the day of clean, either paid to the cleaner in person or left in a pre arranged safe place.

Elyte Window Cleaning reserves the right to remove any customer from the round if payment is repeatedly not made. Elyte Window Cleaning does not offer any form of credit.

Cleaning Frequencies

Elyte Window Cleaning operates on a 6 weekly regular window cleaning round. Staff holiday, sickness and extreme weather can affect our schedule, as a result some cleans may be earlier or later than usual, please allow some flexibility for this. 

Elyte Window Cleaning also offers a “one off” service and a “front windows only” service. Our “front windows only” service is for customers that do not have acceptable access to the back of the property only. 


If we are unable to access any part of the customers property due to gates being locked or obstructions (eg. Garden furniture, vehicles etc) in the way then we will only clean the accessible areas however the full balance will still be chargeable. 

Other obstructions could be, but are not limited to; shrubs/trees/plants covering part of the window/door, items left on window sills, items left leaning against windows/doors. We will clean areas of the window/door we can access and will not remove obstructions.

Elyte Window Cleaning endeavours to clean all areas previously agreed however if the cleaner deems it unsafe or inaccessible at the time of cleaning then we will not clean these areas.

Due to insurance liabilities, Elyte Window Cleaning will not be able to move obstacles or obstructions, including but not exclusive to; flower pots, garden furniture, BBQ’s etc. If any of these items restrict access to an area of the customers property then we will be unable to clean this area.

Elyte Window Cleaning does not bring water hoses through properties or climb over fences/gates, therefore if the customer has a property without proper access to the rear then we do offer a “front window only” service.

Elyte Window Cleaning does not usually use ladders for window cleaning or climb on or over fences, roofs and garages. Please do not ask your window cleaner to carry out any unsafe practises. We may clean from flat roofs if previously agreed and safe to do so.

Insurance and Liabilities

Elyte Window Cleaning do not accept liability for damage caused by decorative or structural defects at the customers property, this includes but is not limited to: ill fitting windows and window fittings, doors, fascias, guttering and trims, unsecured windows and/or doors, leaking seals, loose lead and/or decorative bars, rotting frames, flaking paint, open/broken trickle vents etc. 

Over time upvc window frames and sills begin to oxidise and lose their colour, window sills are most affected. When cleaning oxidised frames and sills we may remove some of the oxidation which may look like small scratches. We can assure customers that we use brush heads that are made from soft plastic with nylon bristle (or horse/boar hair) that will not scratch upvc. Elyte Window Cleaning will not be responsible for returning the customers upvc back to an “as new” condition if the frames/sills have been neglected.

Elyte Window Cleaning uses brushes specifically designed for window cleaning. These brushes are made of a soft plastic headstock with nylon bristles (or horse/boar hair). There is nothing on the brush that can scratch glass or upvc. 

Elyte Window Cleaning provides public liability insurance (£1 million limit) for all of our cleaners which protects the client's property against any damage, provided that this accidental damage is caused by the cleaner and to the extent that the damage is of a value in excess of £250.

In case of any claims Elyte Window Cleaning requires information within 24 hours in writing (email acceptable) subsequent to the completed service. 

Accounts in arrears and/or where the terms of this agreement are otherwise breached nullify their insurance cover provided by Elyte Window Cleaning.

Elyte Window Cleaning shall not be liable for any loss or damage in excess of the limit of our public liability insurance cover.


Elyte Window Cleaning requires a minimum term of 3 cleans for our regular 6 weekly customers. The total price for the 3 cleans will be payable in full if the customer cancels our service before the 3 cleans have been completed.

A regular 6 weekly window cleaning service is an “all year round service”. Should the customer not leave access to the property for window cleaning, only accessible windows will be cleaned (eg. Front windows only). If there is no access to any windows, no windows will be cleaned. 

The full payment is due should we only clean some or no windows due to no access. For example, if the customer is on holiday and there is no access or only partial access, we will only clean windows we can access. Full payment is still due, as the windows that were not cleaned as part of a six weekly window clean, will be dirtier when we are able to clean them again as the windows would have not been cleaned for 12 weeks (3 months). This uses up-to twice as much purified water and takes longer to clean.

After the initial 3 cleans have been completed the customer can cancel Elyte Window Cleaning services at any time giving a minimum of 31 days notice in writing (email acceptable) before the next scheduled date. Failure to do so will result in a 100% charge for any work scheduled within this period.

Any customer that pays with a standing order is responsible for cancelling the standing order upon cessation, we cannot do this. Any standing orders received by Elyte Window Cleaning will of course be returned to the customer however may incur an administration fee of £13.

Terms Continued

Elyte Window Cleaning operates an all year regular service, our pure water systems work in all weather conditions however high winds, deep snow and sub zero temperatures do affect our services and schedules. Please allow reasonable recovery of our services for such instances.

Achieving optimum cleaning results may require a few cleans. For example, detergent residues on the glass and rubber seals from previous traditional window cleaning methods may initially cause slight spotting.

Leaching can also occur from trickle vents, beading and heavily soiled frames, however in most cases, this will cease after a couple of cleans, once any dirt or residue is fully removed from the framed areas.

Elyte Window Cleaning reserves the right to refuse any work we deem necessary even if payment has been taken in advance. If we do need to refuse work and payment has been made, a full refund will be given if the refusal is of no fault of the customer.

Dog/Cat Faeces: Please clear up any dog/cat faeces before we are due to carry out cleaning/works. Should faeces prevent access to the cleaning/works, the clean/works will not be carried out in that area and the full payment will be due. Should Faeces be stepped in or gets onto our equipment (hose etc) a cleaning or replacement charge will be invoice to the customer. 

We appreciate cat faeces is difficult to detect. In our experience cats like to leave their faeces in longer grass. Please try to maintain grass/lawns to minimise cat faeces being stepped in.

Window condition: Window cleaning removes most grim, dirt, dust, bird/insect faeces, algae, moss etc from glass sills and frames. However window cleaning is not window restoration and may not remove, glue, stickers, paint, render, expanding foam etc. These substances can be removed, however will require a specialist cleaning service with the use of specialist chemicals. This IS a service that Elyte Window Cleaning provides.

Frames: We clean frames, sills and doors as standard, however should the frames/sills/doors be in poor condition (eg. Rotten, flaking paint/stain) then only the glass will be cleaned and full payment will be due.

First Clean: A regular 6 weekly window cleaning service is a maintenance clean. We may charge a percentage on top of your regular cleaning price for the first clean as the windows/doors may be dirtier and require more attention. 

We may also charge a percentage on top of your regular cleaning price, if works such as building/hard landscaping has been carried out prior to a regular maintenance window cleaning service visit.

Amendments & Acceptance

By accepting our quote or by using Elyte Window Cleaning services the customer agrees to the terms and conditions of Elyte Window Cleaning.

Elyte Window Cleaning reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time, and shall inform the customer of such changes by posting them on the website no less than 30 days before implementation of changes.

Last updated 28/01/2023
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